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r_a_m August 2009 Press Release Press Release – August 2009

In this issue:
+ Delica signs to Radio-Active-Music
+ Upcoming Release Schedule: Gravity Euphonic, Delica, 23RAINYDAYS
+ Upcoming Shows & Events

Delica signs to Radio-Active-Music
After several years of a great promotional and distribution relationship, Toronto-based EBM act Delica has signed to Radio-Active-Music. The band has self-released several EPs and albums over the past several years, and the label is proud to be pressing the band’s latest endeavor, “Hyperstimulus”, to be released this fall!

23RAINYDAYS Named as One of DC’s Top Bands by MTV
23RAINYDAYS has been chosen by MTV as one of three bands to represent DC for this year’s Video Music Awards! 23RAINYDAYS will perform at the VMA concert at Six Flags America on August 29th. If chosen as the winner, the performance will be broadcast on the VMAs locally on Comcast Sunday September 13th and showcased nationally on MTV2’s Rail N Rock or Sucker Free. If you are in the area, we encourage you to attend the concert at Six Flags America and show your support for the band!

Upcoming Release Schedule
Following our recent move, we’ve taken a short break this summer on releases. But now, we’re back into full production and have three new albums heading your way! First off is Gravity Euphonic’s upcoming self-titled album, to be released in time for the band’s upcoming mid-Atlantic tour. Next, Delica’s latest full-length release will be out shortly afterwards, followed by 23RAINYDAYS’ brand new EP. More information about all of these releases coming in the next few days!

Upcoming Shows & Events
There are now just too many to list each month! Please visit our online calender on our myspace profile ( to see which Radio-Active-Music artists are currently on tour in your area. Many of our bands are currently booking dates; please get in touch with management to bring a show to your town!
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