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New Releases: The Dark Clan & Reaver

Artist: The Dark Clan
Title: Fade / Dance Magic Dance
Available June 1st, 2010
RAM 021

The Dark Clan is the latest addition to the Radio-Active-Music label, and we’re pleased to release this dual CD release containing the most intricate electronic and dark rock. The release contains 20 tracks, and features guest contributions from a wide variety artists in the genre including Caustic, Ego Likeness, The Gothsicles, I:scintilla, and name a few. This release is co-distributed by Sonic Mainline and DLVN Media.

We’re delighted to be able to offer clips to preview both discs - 'Fade' and 'Dance Magic Dance' - on Pre-orders are now being taken directly on through our online store!

Artist: Reaver
Title: Leviathan
Available June 15th, 2010
RAM 022

Radio-Active-Music is pleased to present the sophomore album from the harsh EBM act, Reaver. 'Leviathan' features ten tracks incorporating gothic metal vibes and occult themes into the powerful, dance floor craving rhythms.

As usual, you can preview clips of of the entire album on Pre-orders are now being taken directly on through our online store!


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