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My Enemy Complete, Oh So, and Sensuous Enemy sign to Radio-Active-Music

Press Release - August 2010
In this issue:
+ My Enemy Complete, Oh So, and Sensuous Enemy sign to Radio-Active-Music
+ Upcoming Releases: Delica-m and more!
+ Vampire Freaks Digital Music Store Updated
+ New Titles on the Distribution Network
+ Upcoming Shows & Events Welcomes Three New Artists
It’s been a busy summer behind the scenes, and we are now pleased to welcome three new artists to the roster...

First up is My Enemy Complete, an electronic-infused hard rock band from Washington, DC. The band is comprised of members from 51 Peg and Chrysalis - both early pioneers in the East Coast industrial rock scene. The band’s self-released single has already garnered fantastic reviews across the globe, and we are pleased to be releasing their upcoming EP this fall.

Secondly, we welcome Oh So, a synth rock duo from Charlottesville, VA. Featuring former members of goth rock giants In Tenebris, the band is bringing their talents back again for their own special mix of synth grooves. The band’s full length album will be released through sometime in early 2011.

Finally, we’re also pleased to showcase Sensuous Enemy on our roster. With delicious female vocals and bouncing synth beats, this band is tearing up the Madison, WI scene. Sensuous Enemy will be touring extensively in the Mid West and East Coast later on this year. Radio-Active-Music will be releasing the band’s new EP this fall.

Upcoming Releases
Delica-m will be releasing their latest EP, "driftbetween" this September in North America. In case you missed the earlier announcement, Delica-m is now co-signed to Danse Macabre Records in Europe! The European version of the album will be out shortly after ours.

In addition to the new Delica-m, My Enemy Complete, and Sensuous Enemy discs, we also are expecting new releases from 23RAINYDAYS, dharmata 101, and XUBERX in the coming months. More info coming soon!

Vampire Freaks Digital Music Store
We’re really pleased to announce that the Digital Music Store has been updated with the entire catalog! You can purchase all of our digital releases from the label directly from this great goth/industrial scene resource!

New Additions to the Distribution Network
We’re pleased to include a handful of new releases to our collection. Recent additions include Sensuous Enemy - "Fragments" and White Shadow - "The Wasteland". Many more titles are on the way, so stay tuned for new discs as they become available. All of these releases can be purchased from our online store, or in person at our vending events!

Upcoming Shows & Events
8/28/10 - My Enemy Complete - The Depot - Baltimore, MD
9/04/10 - Sensuous Enemy (w/ Cynergy 67 and more) - Miramar Theatre - Milwaukee, WI
9/13/10 - My Enemy Complete (w/ The Perfects & The Birthday Massacre) - Rock & Roll Hotel - Washington, DC
9/19/10 - dharmata 101 (w/ Cassandra Syndrome & White Shadow) - The Depot - Baltimore, MD
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