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Welcome to the official Radio-Active-Music.com LJ community! Talk about your favorite Radio-Active-Music.com artists here!
23 rainy days, 30 seconds of shame, 51 peg, a perfect circle, a race called man, a2, abbeyvain, alfa matrix, alfa matrix records, alice in videoland, alienhead, amphibious assault, anjeliina, aphasia, assemblage 23, autumn's descent, ayria, band promotion, bella morte, bentvalve, beyond hope, booboo's punch, celldweller, cherry2000, circle of dust, cleopatra, cleopatra records, club decease, collide, concrete, crossbreed, cynergy 67, d1, d1 music, d1 music network, dead girls corp, dead inside the chrysalis, dead sexy, deadstar assembly, deadsy, death loves, deficit, defy, delica, delta-s, deus machina, die maschine, digital collapse, disown, e.c.c.o., ecult, electricult, electricult records, electronic, elyzium, ever, eye butterfly, fluffy starr, form 30, formula redux, front line assembly, full frequency, glam, glamour kings, godhead, goth, gothic, hard rock, hatred hurt itself, heart of darkness, heretics in the lab, i:scintilla, in tenebris, in winter, in zekt, industrial, interlock, interrogation, ion, isylim : 13, jimmie's chicken shack, julien-k, kubrick, lani, life in exile, lunarclick, lunarclick*, lye, lylah, mallory switch, mankind is obsolete, metropolis, metropolis records, mind over me, moth complex, music promotion, no axcess, no fate, orgy, otto's daughter, paul proton, phoenix and the robot, pinot noir, plumb, porn, prognosis, project 12:01, promotion, psyclon nine, radio active music, radio-active-music.com, red tape, redrum, ringer, sexydeath, snake river conspiracy, solomon's seal, state of being, synth, synthetic nightmare, system syn, techno, tenebrion, terror couple, the anix, the birthday massacre, the hunger, the metro, the mystic underground, the run, the s1nd1cate, third realm, unavox, vanity beach, vnv nation, yveline, zorg